No-limit Type of Poker

The no-limit type of poker online. Raising in No-Limit Texas Hold’em has its own price limit, so to speak, and must exceed the size of the total value of the previous bet and the big blind.

The player who wants to raise must call the bet to the value of the big blind and add at least one more big blind on top. That is, the raise in this situation will be equal to the acceptable (at the minimum) two big blinds.

As for the maximum raise size, in the case of NL – there is no limit, the player can go all-in and put all-in. It is for this reason that this type of poker online is called no-limit – that is, it has no restrictions on the maximum allowable bet size.

Now about pot-limit poker online. In Pot-Limit Texas Hold’em, there are both minimum and maximum raises that a player can make. Let’s start with a minimum – an acceptable raise in PL should consist of the equation (call) of the bet made by the previous player plus an amount equal to the table’s big blind.

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The Acceptable Raise

But with an acceptable maximum raise in this type of poker online – it is a little more difficult. To understand how much you can bet as a raise; you need to use the following formula: total pot + call for the previous bet (the same amount) + amount to call. In simple terms, the maximum raise will be 3.5 big blinds.

Let’s move on to Limit Texas Hold’em poker online. In this game, the maximum and minimum for allowable bets are equal to the originally assigned ones; players cannot bet less or more than the specified “thresholds”. Their sizes are strictly stipulated, which becomes clear from the name of this type of Texas Hold’em. But there are some corrections for the raise, as well as for the beta.

Note that on the two initial rounds of betting; both of these bets are made on a limited (corresponding to the established table limits) amount; and on the penultimate and last round this size is usually doubled.