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What if online roulette games becoming too addictive? Roullete Gambling Troubles is a book about a gambler; his struggles and finally his triumph. There is a long and winding road to the final destination. I personally believe it is a road that few people ever come to and I don’t think many of us know the full story either. I personally found this to be an interesting and engrossing read; it’s easy to get into and gives you a good feeling about the life of a gambler and the things that go on behind the scenes.


Online Roulette

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After reading the first few chapters you get to see what makes a gambler tick and what kind of person he is. You get to see the different lengths that people go to in order to have enough money to bet. The story is told through the eyes and ears of the main character; the gambler.

I found myself relating to some of the things said in the book. It’s interesting how a little book such as this can make you look at life in a different way. It’s a very emotional read and at times you’ll think that there is nothing you can do to stop gambling. It’s unfortunate that the world is so involved with gambling that it can destroy those who are trying to practice it for fun and not for profit.

One of the greatest things that is said in the book is that when you lose track of time; you will always be gambling. This is very true because gambling is something we all like to do. We need to find ways to have fun and not worry about our money or our friends. Having a problem with gambling then becomes your own worst enemy. Reading this book will allow you to see that a problem isn’t always a bad thing and that you can overcome it.


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It’s easy to forget why you even have problems in the first place. Gambling; or any other activity; if allowed to take over your life; will cause you problems in the long run. You will end up having financial problems; marital problems and even problems with law enforcement. It will take some time to get out of the habit of gambling but reading this book will help you to realize that you shouldn’t be gambling your life away. Instead; you should be enjoying yourself.

This book is an incredible read and everyone should read it. It’s an amazing story and very motivating. Anyone who is having trouble with gambling should give this book a read. Even if you never gamblers; you will be able to benefit from the knowledge that this author gained through his years of experience.