The Meaning of Poker Stack

The Meaning of Poker Stack. In any of the existing types of poker online there is such a concept and phenomenon as a stack. Today we will figure out what it is, what types of stack are, by what criteria they are divided, and also learn how to evaluate your stack at the poker online table.

If you are at least a little familiar with pokeronline, then you already know that the stack is your chips intended to be played at a specific table. There are five types of stack, which we will discuss in more detail in our today’s article.

What is a poker online stack

Stack – or in English – stack is poker online chips, your currency at the playing table. Your stack belongs to you and with its help you can place bets while playing.

The stack is not constant in its size and will vary depending on the size of the minimum bet agreed (set) in advance for a particular table. In turn, the size of the stack has a very significant impact on the entire process of a participant’s game. Pros advise to be careful if your stack is big enough.

How to calculate your stack

There is a simple rule here – we need to figure out how many blinds are “put” on your stack. We calculate according to an understandable formula – we divide the total number of our chips by the size (price) of the big blind – a mandatory bet made by the player sitting second to the left of the button.

Let’s say – 3,500 chips, and the size of the small and big blinds at your table are 50 and 100, respectively, so we have to divide our 3,500 by 100 (big blind) for a total of 35. Let’s make simple conclusions – your stack is equal to 35 blinds.

Note that during large poker online tournaments, the blinds, and because of them, the stacks constantly and rather strongly increase in their size, so to speak. So at the first stages of the tournament, the stack can be equivalent (equal) to one hundred; and two hundred big blinds – BB, and closer to the final part – even a stack of thirty big blinds is perceived as a big stack.

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What is deep stack – deep stack in poker online

Understanding what a deep stack is – Deep Stack. This is a special case when a set of chips that contains more than two hundred big blinds (BB). If there are such stacks behind the stoom, then the process of the game is a little “free” style. Players are more likely to accept and respond to bets. With deep stacks, players enter the hands even with medium or weak starting hands; turning them into full-fledged combinations afterwards and thus creating very interesting moments.

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